Gallery: Chad Wys’ Phenomenal Deconstructed Portraits


Like any good post-modernism-friendly art lovers, we’re always fascinated by bizarre permutations of the human image and plays on form, so when we saw the dripping, ethereal work of Chad Wys over at but does it float, we were completely entranced. His strange studies of classic portraits explore the space between the subject and the background, the representative nature of color forms and the expectations of traditional painting. Wys writes, “The literal destruction of an object is secondary to the overall effect created by color (dis)harmony and the overall aesthetic of the reclaimed and reinvented object/experience… Barriers and obstacles are thereby created between the viewer and the object through which one must negotiate an understanding of what is both present and hidden.” Click through to see our favorites from Wys’ most recent series Nocturne, and let us know what you think of his work in the comments.