Preview ‘Just Like Being There,’ A Documentary About Gig Posters


This morning, /Film clued us into an amazing-sounding new documentary about the art of the gig poster. Just Like Being There, the new title for the previously untitled, ongoing project, will explore the world of gig posters and gig poster production, documenting artists and fans of limited edition poster art within and beyond the world of concert posters. The film will focus on three artists, Kevin Tong, Daniel Danger and Jay Ryan, who are part of the core of this world, and as far as we can tell, will be filled with awesome art, music, and interviews. Click through to see two short promos about the newly-titled documentary, and head over to /Film for an exclusive interview with the director and producer.

INDIEGOGO PROMO FINAL from Johanna Goldstein on Vimeo.

New Promo w/ TITLE (corrected) from Johanna Goldstein on Vimeo.