Neutral Milk Hotel Returns… To Save a Classic Carousel [Strange Pitch]


When it comes to seminal indie oddities Neutral Milk Hotel, their wish is our command (Full Disclosure: they’ve got fingers on the notches of our spine!) Thus it is that we pass on to you a very random plea to (what else?) save a classic carousel:

The Paragon Carousel is competing with 24 other historic Massachusetts buildings for a grant of $100,000. The historic site with the most votes wins, and anyone anywhere can vote. We would love it if by our collective effort we could ensure the continuation of this grand place. It only takes a moment and you can do so here…. Places like this are so special. They deserve to exist in the same world that we do. So we can visit them with our bodies, not just our memories and dreams. ~Julian Koster with Jeff Mangum on behalf of Neutral Milk Hotel

OK, we did our part. Now, Jeff, you do something for us: get your ass out of seclusion and release another friggin’ album already!! (A reminder why after the jump).