The Italian ‘Jersey Shore’ Digs Are Nicer Than Yours


This Thursday night Season 4 of Jersey Shore premieres on MTV, and from what we’ve seen so far, it looks like it will offer a lot of the same drama, only overseas. The biggest change — aside from the cast members’ salaries, which have jumped to a whopping $100,000 per episode — seems to be how posh their new four-bedroom house in Florence is compared to their original Seaside Heights rental, or even where they stayed in Miami Beach. There’s a view of the Duomo, but sadly, there’s not a duck phone in sight. Click through to take a quick photo tour.

You know that you’re when Italy when the coat rack in your foyer can double as a crucifix. Also: they have a foyer.

Do you think they’ll fight over who has to clean this bathroom, too? And how much do you want to bet that 1) there’s a bidet somewhere in there, and 2) there’s at least one gross-out scene involving said bidet and Snooki?

An indoor jacuzzi > an outdoor hot tub — especially when it comes to luring Italian ladies back from the bar. We just feel bad for the unsuspecting people who rent this house next.

How nice is this kitchen? So much counter-top space! And is that a lemon tree?! We can already picture The Situation whipping up Sunday dinner.

We love that there is pair of kissing cupids and some kind of religious statue watching over the bed in the “smoosh room.”

This idyllic outdoor patio looks so peaceful now, but we’d love to see that couch under a black light, Room Raiders-style.

[via BuzzFeed]