Delightfully Terrible Bootleg DVD Covers


While the movie pirating trade has wreaked its havoc upon the movie industry and makes us very sad, it sure has some hilarious side-products, namely, the ridiculous cultural artifacts found in this Crappy Bootleg DVD Covers Flickr group and wherever bootleg DVDs are sold. They’re Frankenstein-ed together from other covers, feature our favorite movie stars Al Pacione and Robeat De Niro and are padded with the finest of Engrish and bad reviews copy and pasted from the Internet. See them in our slide show and feel free to submit your own.

This is Cocktail. It goes well with a taco, apparently.

“Too self-absorbed?” Well… Dolling Stone seemed to like it…

When Jackson Pollocke was a young Hogwarts student, little did he know he was destined to be the Greatest living fainter in the unieuc states.

Severely Lost in Translation.

Also, this happened.

Planet of the Apes: Where Rule is Broke, with a synopsis for Sister Act 2.

OK, we think we’d actually like to watch this.

Alos Angles Crime Sag is on it.

Mr. Bean is very literary.

Where would the Sorting Hat sort Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton?

…especially if the subtitles match the cover.

Sounds deep.

But I just bought it!

Finally, all the mysteries of Lost cleared up in one paragraph.

But they’re so shiny!