Quote of the Day: Do Tassels and Motherhood Mix?

“She’s seen it. She’s never seen live burlesque, but she went to the premiere in Seattle. She knows every stripper and drag queen in Seattle, the poor thing. When I was learning how to dance myself, I was making my daughter write down the choreography, and I’d be like, ‘Should I bump here or grind here? Which way are my tassels twirling?’ I’m sure she’ll have a healthy psychiatrist’s bill when she grows up. But maybe not, because she’s 12 and has no body issues whatsoever, which I can’t say about any of her friends and the girls she goes to school with. I’d like to think it has an impact on her being around all these women who are comfortable with their bodies.”

– Deidre Timmons, director of burlesque doc A Wink And A Smile (which opens at NYC’s Quad Cinema tomorrow) talks to Halogen Life about Ahem! juggling career and family. (BTW, we told you about the launch of Halogen Life — a new blog that’s all about the “thoughtful consumption” of luxury products — a little while back; if you haven’t yet, check ’em out.) Also, if you missed it yesterday, read our steamy piece with Joanna Angel about the recession’s effect on the sex industry.