Sarah Palin’s Hair Salon and Gallerinas Get New Reality Shows


If you thought reality TV had exhausted both Sarah Palin and the art world, well, you probably didn’t realize that reality TV doesn’t know the meaning of the word “exhaust.” TV Squad reports that TLC, which aired serial Palin infomercial Sarah Palin’s Alaska, will air a two-part special about Beehive, the salon where the former governor and VP candidate gets her hair done. Apparently, the draw of the show is “the personalities of the owner and her staff,” which “are as big as the hairstyles they create.” (We assume this means that some of them are gay.) Big Hair Alaska debuts September 20th. Now, excuse us while we pitch a show about the deli where Obama used to buy cigarettes in Chicago.

Meanwhile, clear across America and deep inside the cerulean heart of a blue state, Bravo has announced Paint the Town, a reality series about gallerinas — the pretty young things who staff the front desks of Chelsea galleries. ANIMAL has posted a lengthy chunk of the press release, which spins the cast as ambitious women who “manage the stress of their demanding bosses, and struggle to get ahead in a business with so few opportunities to rise up the ranks” while maintaining a social life that includes “the hippest clubs, bars and art scene functions.” Ugh. We’re exhausted already.

Image via Beehive Beauty Shop on Facebook