Jud Wimhust’s Consumerist Masks for the Modern Tribe


Since the dissolution of tribes in the Western world, we’ve shelved the masks we once used in religious rites, celebrations, and war, limiting their usage to Halloween or the occasional masquerade. Yet, in Masks for the Modern Tribe, artist Jud Wimhurst reimagines their meaning, exploring the effects of branding and consumption on modern identity. The contemporary masks he envisions are adorned with familiar iconography from companies such as McDonald’s and Chanel, defining individuals in terms of their purchases. After the jump, check out Wimhurst’s work, and then head over to the Melbourne Arts Room gallery to see more of his sculptures.

Jud Wimhurst, Schandemask

Jud Wimhurst, Breakfast Club: Egg on Face

Jud Wimhurst, Cagey

Jud Wimhurst, Enjoy Copyright

Jud Wimhurst, Big Macsquarade Mask

Jud Wimhurst, Rites of Passage

Jud Wimhurst, blingblingbling

Jud Wimhurst, Swallows

Jud Wimhurst, Avatar 1.0 with Anti-virus Protection

All images via Melbourne Art Rooms.