Awesome or Awful: Personally Offensive Cigarette Warning Labels


Starting next year, American smokers will see more than just a familiar logo when they buy a pack of cigarettes. Back in June, we looked at some gory new FDA-mandated warning labels, featuring pictures of addicts with holes in their throats and close-ups of oral cancer paired with reminders that “Cigarettes cause cancer” and “Cigarettes are addictive.” But designer Anna Astvatsatryan has a different idea about how to deter smokers. She’s created a series of cigarette-label mock-ups that trade the impersonal gross-out for insults that hit home: A pack of Camels reads, “I have a small dick,” while some Davidoffs admit, “I support al-Qaeda.” For our part, we find the Offensive Habit images somewhat sophomoric, although we can’t deny that they’re more pleasant to look at than pictures of diseased flesh. Let us know whether you think they’re an awesome or awful idea in the comments.

[via Core 77]