Viral Videos: Contagious But Not in a Swine Flu Kind of Way


Apparently this dude just learned about the horrific news that they’re trying to remake/ruin the childhood masterpiece that is The Neverending Story. We have a hunch that this video will be better than the remake.

Free hugs from an unhygienic hippie? Holy swine flu. But a $2 “deluxe” hug? That sounds more legit. Because hugs are more valuable than a Diet Coke.

It’s time for Lindsay Lohan to switch from the Blackberry to the iPhone. The iSnort app is a hallucination come true for all the crackies; you get your virtual coke nose on, sans the white residue and heart palpitations.

Twitter is so overexposed these days, they might as well change its name to Miley Cyrus. But this parody of a man Twittering his mundane thoughts aloud and in public makes us laugh so much, we might just tweet it…

More Twitter — but we had to post this one because it includes Andy Milonakis!