50 Obama Artworks That Aren’t by Shepard Fairey


As our fifth youngest president celebrates his birthday with cheers from sea to shining sea, we made him a present in honor of his 50th. The Internet, as it turns out, is full of Barack Obama-inspired art, and we got it right here — Obama paintings, Obama acid tabs, Obama graffiti and street art, Obama made out of breakfast cereal, butter and gumballs, Obama sponge-bathing nude with a unicorn… We think since Shepard Fairey’s mega-popular HOPE poster is too thoroughly entangled with the president’s image, we’ll leave him out and mix it up a bit. Here are fifty impressive, creative, and WTF?! works of art in the image of our Prez.

Ron English

Kenneth Tin-Tin Hung

Jayson Musson


Mike Leavitt

Jason Mecier

Hom Nguyen (Jordan sneakers)

Hank Willis Thomas and Ryan Alexiev (Breakfast cereal)

Michael Murphy (Nails)

Michael Murphy (Tension wire)

Lukas Ketner

Dan Lacey

Paul Richmond

Mr. Brainwash.

Ninja Obama action figure

Not technically Shepard Fairey, so it’s OK.



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Alex Grey

Erick Scarecrow

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Tracey Clayton

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Perfect timing

Obama LSD Blotter

Emily Gallardo

Juergen Christ (Woodcut)


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Norma Lyon

David Macaluso (Motor oil)

Obama made from 12,784 gumballs.

Andy Magee (Change)

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William Pope.L

Lisa Jack



Chinatown wheatpaste

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Dang. Looks like Shepard Fairey sneaked one in after all…