TOSAY.IT’s Arresting Public Text Posters on Art and Philosophy


There’s no shortage of impressive and elaborate street art these days — and that may be why TOSAY.IT’s simple, text-only posters caught our attention. The loose network of artists has fanned out across Europe, placing signs that carry jarring messages like “Every new moment disappears forever,” “All of your actions will certainly create our future,” and even that Marshall McLuhan gem, “The medium is the message.” As they write at Behance, “The main idea of the project is to explore text, streets & internet as an artistic medium, to broadcast actual ideas that are usually ignored by mass media, or to comment on the issues that seem important to put up by the author of the text.” Page through some of our favorite TOSAY.IT posters, hung in dramatic locations from Italy to the Netherlands, after the jump, and visit their website to learn more.

Art About Art About Art… Hanged on the gallery glass in Helsinki, Finland. All images via Behance.

Color of equality is the color we have never seen. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wrong Is the New Right. Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany

No explanation for this one, this text is just about this text itself. Stockholm, Sweden

Absurd Is the New Logic. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Medium Is the Message. Stockholm, Sweden

Whatever you read here, please, don’t try to find any sense. Venice, Italy

This poster was hung at 22:22 Does it make any sense? Stockholm, Sweden

God made man. He made a heaven and placed a man in it. Man could not follow Creator’s rules and had to leave heaven. Man created an art. He build a museums and placed an art in it. But art also could not follow the rules and had to leave museums for streets. Hanged on the wall of Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, Italy

Now Is Happening Right Now. Rimini, Italy

Whatever you read here, please, don’t try to find any sense. Rimini, Italy

How Much Is Enough? Rome, Italy

Everything is fine, nobody is happy… Ancona, Italy

Every new moment disappears forever. Antwerpen, Belgium

All of your actions will certainly create our future. Brugge, Belgium

A beautiful moment has happened here. Rome, Italy