Budweiser’s Fancy New Beer Cans Wear Bow Ties


There are certain not-so-pleasant tasting beers that for whatever reason have developed a devoted, if ironic, following. And then there’s Budweiser. According to our friends at NPR, sales numbers for the King of Beers dropped by 7 percent last year, and as a result, they’ve decided to give their cans a “sleek” new redesign, complete with a bow tie. “This new visual identity is one of many steps in our quest to reinforce Budweiser’s role as a true global beer brand,” AB InBev Brands vice president Frank Abenante explained. “Together with our unifying global creative idea, the new global packaging look and feel will reinforce Budweiser’s bond with consumers around the world.”

Here’s what we don’t understand: If Budweiser is trying to appeal to a younger, hipper consumer (which we’re just going to read between the corporate speak and assume they are), then why not just revert back to one of their earlier designs? Like, how cool is that golden-colored can that’s on the far left? Just looking at some of those vintage fonts makes us feel thirsty! Also: You’re Bud. Embrace it. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, etc. What do you think of the brand’s new look?