Backyard-Hero Interview: Dodgeball Queen Mandy Gabriel


When it comes to sports, we prefer to play hard and keep things a little more interesting. That’s why we’ve joined mike’s hard lemonade® to put athletes of all stripes on the pedestals they deserve. Our Backyard Hero video interview series introduces some of the most dedicated players of the endless variety of games out there, in honor of the mike’s® HARD SPORTS video contest — which offers a chance to win personal glory and up to $10,000, among other prizes. Our second interview features dodgeball queen Mandy Gabriel, who tells us what it means to take a hit — and shares her thoughts on the game’s less-than-serious portrayal in popular culture.

Control the interview in the player below by selecting any question and clicking on it for an immediate answer. Don’t see the question you want to ask? Visit Mandy on and hit her with whatever you’ve got! When you’re done, be sure to check out more Backyard Hero interviews, and vote on your favorite entries in the mike’s® HARD SPORTS video contest.