Queen Latifah Comes Out of the Closet


Everyone has pretty much known that Queen Latifah is a lesbian for years. For one thing, she never seemed to be dating a man — and her nuanced portrayal of a gay character in 1996’s Set It Off also got people talking. We finally learned, last year, that she had bought a house with her personal trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, and a few months later paparazzi captured photos of the couple embracing on a luxury yacht. Still, a new interview in Sister 2 Sister marks the first time Latifah has publicly acknowledged that she’s attracted to women. Asked to describe her ideal gal, she told the magazine, “I just like ladies who have class. Period. And if it’s ‘T and A’ you’re sellin, that’s fine, as long as that’s what you’re selling. But you don’t have to show everything, you know? You can hold some back and just be yourself and let your personality shine and let your individuality show. To me, that’s sexier. A confident woman is a sexy woman, in my opinion.” Well, good for you, Queen! [via BuzzFeed]