Maricor/Maricar’s Gorgeously Embroidered Misheard Lyrics


Sydney-based design duo Maricor/Maricar call their Turns of Speech & Figures of Phrase series “a mixtape of artworks,” and the description fits perfectly. The artists have embroidered phrases from their favorite songs, from Blondie and Prince to Pavement and Broken Social Scene, in gorgeous, intricate typography. But most of the works in the series diverge slightly from the official lyrics, scrambling or substituting words. Check out Turns of Speech after the jump, then visit Maricor/Maricar’s website to see more of their diverse work.

Maricor/Maricar, Diamonds on the Soles of Their Feet, cotton floss on canvas, 43cm x 43cm

Song: Paul Simon — “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes”

All images via Behance

Maricor/Maricar, Eye on the Coconut, cotton floss on canvas, 43cm x 43cm

Song: Pavement — “Easily Fooled”

Maricor/Maricar, Your Head Will Collapse, cotton floss on cotton, 43cm x 43cm

Song: Pixies — “Where Is My Mind?”

Maricor/Maricar, Macho Distrust, cotton floss on cotton canvas, 29cm x 29cm

Song: Blondie — “Heart of Glass”

Maricor/Maricar, Muscle On, cotton floss on cotton canvas

Song: Menomena — “Muscle ‘n Flo”

Maricor/Maricar, Out of Sorts, cotton floss on cotton canvas, 28cm x 28cm

Song: Grandaddy — “I’m on Standby”

Maricor/Maricar, Slightly Depressed. Seveverely Confused*, cotton floss on cotton canvas, 28cm x 28cm

Song: The Postal Service — “Sleeping In”

Maricor/Maricar, Something Close to Nothing

Song: Prince — “Raspberry Beret”

Maricor/Maricar, Tongue Tied & Hopeless, cotton floss on cotton canvas, 43cm x 43cm

Song: The Magnetic Fields — “I’m Tongue-Tied”

Maricor/Maricar, Defeat Deflector, cotton floss on cotton fabric, 43cm x 43cm

Song: Broken Social Scene — “Art House Director”