This Is Architect Barbie’s Dream House


Earlier this year Mattel unveiled its plans for Architect Barbie, the latest in a series of career-themed dolls that already includes a computer engineer and an anchorwoman; we were delighted to see that she’ll come with tons of fun accessories like tiny blueprints, black-rimmed glasses, and a hard hat. Around the same time, the American Institute of Architects announced that it was holding a competition for architects to design the ultimate Barbie Dream House. Click through to get a look at the newly-named winner, an eco-friendly, modern Malibu manse designed by Ting Li and Maja Paklar, that features solar panels, a 500-square-foot terrace, and a greenhouse on the roof, along with Barbie’s extensive list of guidelines for the project.

Barbie’s list of demands * My Dream House™ should reflect the best sustainable design principles and also be a stylish space that I can live in comfortably. * A sleek, smart home office is important for any doll. With more than 125 careers, I need a spacious office that can accommodate my hi-tech gadgets for meetings, client visits and presentations. * I love to entertain so I need living and dining areas that are open and connected allowing for mingling and easy entertaining from one room to the other. * The kitchen should be functional and fabulous with top-of-the-line appliances — large countertops and lots of space to cook. I also love natural light in my kitchen so windows are critical. I am quite the chef you know! * As the original “fashionista,” you can imagine how large my closet needs to be! I have unlimited fashions and accessories, so I need lots of shelving, shoe racks and a closet that can be easily organized — getting ready can’t be a chore every day. * As the ultimate “California girl” from Malibu, I am all about location, location, location! My house must have fantastic views of my fabulous backyard and overlook the ocean.

The winning design (click on the images to enlarge)

[via Design Milk]