Mark McEvoy’s Delightfully Altered Books


There’s no shortage of designers altering book covers these days — just look at all of the hilarious gems that Dan Wilbur creates on Better Book Titles — which means you’ve got to be doing something pretty special to warrant a second glance. Mark McEvoy’s work definitely qualifies as attention-grabbing; the artist takes found copies of classic books like The Portrait of an Artist and Dracula, and gives them a cheeky, modern makeover that might make certain bibliophiles a bit nervous. Click through for a few of our favorite covers from the on-going project.

Mark McEvoy, Hipster, 2011

Mark McEvoy, How Shit Is, 2011

Mark McEvoy, BDSM, 2011

Mark McEvoy, Garbage, 2011

Mark McEvoy, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, 2011

Mark McEvoy, LOL, 2011

Mark McEvoy, LOL, 2011