Cheeming Boey’s Intricate Drawings on Styrofoam Coffee Cups


We have always enjoyed coffee, but now that Junkculture has introduced us to Cheeming Boey’s artwork, we are now rethinking our disposal of the cup. After one chance run-in with a trash can in an Irvine coffee shop, Boey, a computer animator, began producing his intricately illustrated Styrofoam cups. With Sharpie as his medium and foam as his canvas, he concocts elaborate scenes, from ancient Japanese battles to portraits of Daft Punk. The work isn’t easy — the ink bleeds, lines often smudge, the curve presents a challenge — but the result is undeniably stunning. After the jump, see some of our favorite pieces. Head to Flickr for the rest of Boey’s cups and learn more about the artist at his website.


Harder Faster

Show Me Love

Pew Pew Pew

Fedor Emelianenko

Red Parade




Death Coil