‘True Blood’ Creator Alan Ball Working on Amish Country Series for Cinemax


We had assumed the main attraction of Cinemax was still late-night softcore, but apparently the HBO sister network has recently gotten into the original programming game. The next addition to its mini-stable of action shows will be executive produced by none other than Alan Ball — the heavy hitter behind both True Blood and Six Feet Under. Deadline reports that the series, called Banshee and set in Pennsylvania’s rural Amish Country, is “described as Walking Tall meets History of Violence” and will center around a martial arts expert with a criminal past who poses as the town’s murdered sheriff. Based on the initial description, the show is sounding more like True Blood than Six Feet Under to us — but knowing Ball’s flair for jumping into completely new genres and making them his own, it could be something totally satisfying yet completely different. So, does this mean we’re going to have to get Cinemax, too?