American Apparel Objectifying Teenage Boys Now, Too


Never let it be said that Dov Charney is biased in his exploitation. American Apparel has made its name on posing sexy young ladies in skimpy basics, and now Gothamist points us to the brand’s next publicity-courting image (potentially NSFW link): a saucy, apparently teenage guy in a cut-off T-shirt that proclaims “Teenagers Do It Better” and a skimpy, pube-baring pair of briefs. The photo comes with the top, which you can buy in a non-cropped version at American Apparel’s website, but probably shouldn’t if you’re over 25 and don’t want people to think you’re a pedophile. Part of a collaboration with Electric Youth! Magateen (“a colorful and fun publication celebrating the magnificent vitality, energy and power of young male adulthood”), the T-shirt will also be included with EY!‘s newest issue. Readers, nothing Charney does will surprise us at this point, but maybe you have something to say about this latest development?