10 Classic Books We Read Despite Knowing How They End


The big news on the Internet today is that spoilers don’t ruin books — in fact, they actually increase the pleasure we get out of reading them. These scientific findings fly in the face of just about every other comment on every film and TV blog we’ve ever read, but we don’t actually find them terribly surprising. Some of Western culture’s best-loved a most-read books are, after all, ones whose endings are so widely known that most of us know them before we even pick up the book. After the jump, we’ve compiled — and revealed the outcomes of — ten classic works of literature that we read (and, in the case of plays, watch) even though they’ve already been “spoiled” for us.

She dies.

They both die.

He comes home.

Reader, she marries him.

He loves Big Brother.

She wakes up.

Paradise… lost.

He doesn’t come.

Boo Radley: not such a creep, after all.

That weird acid-trip thing.