Visit Harlem’s Abandoned Taystee Cake Factory


An overstuffed recliner sits in the middle of an empty room, next to a sofa that has been broken in two. A car with flat tires and carelessly open doors looks like it hasn’t seen the road in decades. The only sign that this was once the place where the donuts (and pies, cupcakes, rolls, etc.) got made? A tattered old order form that was never filled out. If you’re as obsessed with photos of abandoned locations as we are, then you’ll be impressed by the results of Harlem Hybrid’s recent visit to the old Taystee Cake Factory in Harlem, an industrial building that has been vacant since the ’70s. According to Gothamist, the NYC Economic Development Corp plans to redevelop the space into something called CREATE @ Harlem Green, which will house businesses like the Harlem Brewing Company, Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center, and Carver Federal Savings Bank. Click through to see what it will look like until that day comes.

All images courtesy of Harlem Hybrid; spotted via Gothamist.