See Federico Fellini’s Fan Telegram to Stanley Kubrick


As we learned earlier this week, in our roundup of the “30 Harshest Filmmaker-on-Filmmaker Insults in History,” auteurs have been known to judge each other pretty harshly. In fact, we learned that the venerable French New Wave director Jacques Rivette thinks Stanley Kubrick is “a machine, a mutant, a Martian. He has no human feeling whatsoever.” Today, Letters of Note rubs salve into that wound, publishing a missive from Federico Fellini in which the Italian filmmaker was so overcome by 2001: A Space Odyssey that he felt the need to send Kubrick a telegram about it. (Kubrick was also known to send other directors praise-filled letters, as in his note to Ingmar Bergman.) See Fellini’s fan letter after the jump.