Watch the Video for the First Single by Mick Jagger’s Superheavy


Mick Jagger’s Superheavy — the supergroup that also features Joss Stone, AR Rahman, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, and Dave Stewart of Eurythmics — have just released their first music video, for “Miracle Worker,” and it doubles as a mission statement for the band. We meet all the members one by one, in their element: Marley is hanging at a reggae record store, while Stone is looking fresh and young in front of a flower shop. And look, here’s witch acupuncturist(?) Jagger, gyrating wildly in a hot-pink suit, in a creepy room filled with candles and skull! (Is the Cryptkeeper imagery supposed to read as self-parody?) Of course, everyone eventually comes together for a massive concert in the streets, where Indian ladies in saris dance with b-boys and all of Superheavy hops onstage. The video is a bit heavy-handed, but undeniably fun, even in its most bizarre Jagger moments.

As for the song, it’s not terrible and it’s not great. “Miracle Worker” is exactly what you might expect from such a top-heavy band — a busy mix of styles, from Stone’s jazzy crooning to Marley’s Jamaican-accented flow to Jagger’s growly rock ‘n’ roll showboating. The overarching reggae beat helps to tie everything together, and the song is effortlessly catchy. But if Superheavy really want to win us over, the band members are going to have to do a smoother job integrating their distinct styles.

[via NME ]