The Fug Report: Highs and Lows from the Week in Fashion


Editor’s note: Welcome to The Fug Report! Each week our fashion blogger friends Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, the sartorial geniuses behind Go Fug Yourself, will feature some of their favorite looks of the week in this space. We hope you enjoy it!

This week, on Go Fug Yourself, we examined the Teen Choice Awards, from the many looks of host Kaley Cuoco, to the leg warmers of Emma Stone, to the curiously demure sartorial choice of usually non-demure Blake Lively. We wondered, as we do every week, what the hell Julie Chen was wearing on Big Brother (we love you, ChenBot!). We had concerns about Anne Hathaway’s accent in One Day and we refused to climb on board Mary Murphy’s Hot Tamale Train. We admired Viola Davis, and congratulated a be-sequined Jennifer Love Hewitt on making The Client List into an actual TV series. Oh, yeah. That’s a thing now. You’re welcome.