‘Arrested Development’ in Lego Form Is Amazing


While Arrested Development may have only lasted for three seasons, the cult comedy remains one of the most beloved TV shows of all-time — at least on the Internet. That’s why we know without even asking that you’ll be thrilled by the work of Matt De Lanoy, an intrepid designer who lovingly recreated the sitcom’s most iconic set pieces and characters out of Legos for Brickworld 2011 in Chicago. His take on the Bluth’s universe is incredibly detailed — the stair car makes an appearance, Gob rides his Segway with Franklin, and a sour-looking Lucille clutches a very tiny Lego glass protectively. Click through to get a better look, and if you’re impressed with De Lanoy’s skills, be sure to check out his Lego recreation of Futurama‘s New New York, an epic project which took him over two years to complete.

The model home. Image credit: Pepa Quin. Spotted via Warming Glow.

The stair car. Image credit: Pepa Quin

Michael and George Michael. Image credit: Pepa Quin

Maeby (with script). Image credit: Pepa Quin

Gob and George and Franklin. Image credit: Pepa Quin

Lindsay and Tobias. Image credit: Pepa Quin

Lucille and Buster. Image credit: Pepa Quin