Oh Behave: Mike Myers Signs On For ‘Austin Powers 4’


It’s time to swing, baby. Hitfix reported last night that Mike Myers has closed a deal to star in Austin Powers 4. Unless we’re mistaken, this newest installment in the Austin Powers franchise will be his first film since the terrible 2008 effort that was The Love Guru (though we can say that we quite liked his cameo in Inglorious Basterds). And um, in case you completely forgot about the randy British playboy Austin Powers (we can say happily that we did), don’t feel too badly. After all, Goldmember was released almost a decade ago. There’s no information on director, storyline or fabulous costars as of yet, so while we’re not putting our money on this being the best Austin Powers flick ever, who knows? It may be just the thing to tickle a whole new generation of 12 year olds. And we’ll all probably see it too. [via The Daily What]