Banksy Produces TV Show About Behaving Badly in Public


Last year, secretive British street artist and growing, if elusive, media presence Banksy expanded his territory with the meta-documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, and now it seems, he’s decided to start spreading the gospel via television. He has produced an hour long special on Chanel 4 in the UK entitled “The Antics Roadshow” which is being billed as “Banksy’s incomplete guide to total anarchy… charting the history of behaving badly in public, from anarchists and activists to attention seeking eccentrics.” (Is it just us, or does this sound like a classier, art-world version of Jackass?) “Basically,” the artist said, “I just thought it was a good name for a TV programme and I’ve been working back from there.” Well, we can’t argue there. There is no word on when we might be able to see the special in the US, but considering Banksy’s international appeal and popularity, we figure it won’t be too long.

[via /Film]