Video of the Day: The 50 Trippiest Drug Moments on Film


Not quite ready to surrender the debauchery of a summer weekend to the drudgery of Monday morning? Then why not pull your office door closed (or turn your monitor away from your neighbor) and join us for eight minutes of out-of-this-world tripping? No, we’re not offering you drugs — but the video below, by Mewlists, provides an excellent approximation of the experience, compiling 50 of the craziest drug moments on film. You’ve got your Cheech and Chong, your Smiley Face, your Jay and Silent Bob. That shrooming bear who made the viral video rounds a few months ago makes an appearance, as do Dumbo’s pink elephants. You’ll see Hot Tub Time Machine, The Dude, Trainspotting, Naked Lunch, Hunter S. Thompson, The Trip, Alice in Wonderland… and, of course, Easy Rider. And if that didn’t mess you up enough, feel free to check out our roundup of ten epic drug trips on film.

[via Laughing Squid]