Anja Markiewicz’s Stunningly Small Origami


Perhaps we’re so impressed with German artist Anja Markiewicz’s origami because we’re aren’t very good with our hands, but we have to imagine that even a paper-folding pro would be awed by her work. Using colored sheets of paper that are less than an inch wide, she constructs delicate sculptures — from howling coyotes to geometrically elaborate snowflakes to the traditional Japanese paper crane — that fit on a fingertip. The process may be laborious but the result is remarkable. After the jump, check out some of our favorite pieces of Markiewicz’s work, then click here to see more of her miniatures.

Elephant (37 mm)

Butterfly (9 mm)

Baby Dragon (18 mm)

Snowflake (38 mm)

Crane (9 mm)

[via Colossal]