David Lynch’s New Album Is Called ‘Crazy Clown Time’


There’s a lot of clown conversation happening on the Internet today, but most of it has to do with this weekend’s Gathering of the Juggalos, the drugs that were ubiquitous on site, and Charlie Sheen’s “performance” (or whatever we’re supposed to be calling what he does) there. But, thank God, there is now some circus-related news we actually care about: David Lynch has announced that he’s calling his debut album, which comes out November 8th, Crazy Clown Time. That sounds sort of like it could be a deleted scene from Twin Peaks, which is totally OK by us. The two songs that have already been released are heavily electronic, and eerie enough to merit a place on one of Lynch’s own film soundtracks. Check out the track listing after the jump, and head to Ain’t It Cool News to hear “Good Day Today” and “I Know.”

Track listing for David Lynch’s Crazy Clown Time 1. Pinky’s Dream 2. Good Day Today 3. So Glad 4. Noah’s Ark 5. Football Game 6. I Know 7. Strange and Unproductive Thinking 8. The Night Bell With Lightning 9. Stone’s Gone Up 10. Crazy Clown Time 11. These Are My Friends 12. Speed Roadster 13. Movin’ On 14. She Rise Up