Quote of the Day: We Can’t Believe We’re Defending Jessica Simpson…

“Jessica seemed nervous. Her hands trembled. She ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio. It seemed to calm her. She didn’t want to talk about her weight, so, of course, that’s all I could think of — it gilded each question in my mind: What are you working on now [that you’re fat]? Do you see yourself as part of a class, with Christina and Britney [or are you too fat]? Do you feel that your relationship with Tony Romo has affected his performance as a quarterback [because you are fat]?”

– Jezebel’s Dodai Stewart points out this ridiculous (and dated) paragraph in Rich Cohen’s upcoming Vanity Fair profile of Jessica Simpson. We’re confused because 1. We didn’t think most VF readers cared for that brand of snark, and 2. We didn’t think most VF readers cared for Jessica Simpson. We can’t imagine him pulling this same crap with Russell Crowe — or his editors letting him leave it in.

Cohen — you’re a good writer. We think you were just being lazy. Or you were annoyed that you had to interview her in the first place. Another thing we’d never thought we’d write: There’s a really lovely photo gallery of Mario Testino’s shots of Jessica (like the one above) from the June issue here.