Video: Was ‘Friends’ Homophobic?


Here at Flavorpill, we’ve often made the argument that Friends was not a good show, despite its popularity. But was it also homophobic? A Vimeo user who goes by the handle WayDownEast thinks so, and has made a 50-minute compilation of the sitcom’s most questionable moments, from the running gag about Joey and Chandler living together (and hugging) to the constant jokes about Ross’s lesbian ex-wife, Carol. Looking back, it’s amazing that so much of show’s humor revolved around homoeroticism and/or LGBT stereotypes — although, to be fair, it’s difficult to argue that Friends was intentionally homophobic when it also weathered a great deal of controversy over an episode where Carol marries her partner, and many of the clips included never cross the fine line between equal-opportunity humor and bigotry. Watch the video after the jump and let us know whether you think the show was truly homophobic or simply suffered from lazy writing in the comments.

[via Dangerous Minds]