Someone Get This Woman a Copy of Netherland


Thanks, Daily Intel. As if we didn’t feel sorry enough for Hillary after Googling the term “FLIRG” after watching Saturday Night Live‘s The Best of Amy Poehler episode the other week, now we just want to give her a big hug. Do you ever think she regrets taking on the often thankless role of secretary of State? Also: Is it weird that the following quote gives us the perfect mental image of what Hills was like back in high school? The rolling backpack type — if they’d existed back in the day.

“At 11 p.m. last Saturday, after 13 hours of meetings in Baghdad, Mrs. Clinton’s aides dozed on the military transport plane flying back to Kuwait. She sat alone at the front of the plane’s dimly-lighted cargo bay, squinting as she plowed through a pile of briefing papers. ‘I lug them everywhere,’ Mrs. Clinton said, noting that she had not had time to watch a movie or read a book in the last 100 days.” [via NYT]

Fifty bucks Biden’s already seen Wolverine. Twice.

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