RIP: Chilean Filmmaker Raoul Ruiz Dead at 70


One of global cinema’s most unique and prolific filmmakers, Raoul Ruiz, has died of a pulmonary infection at the age of 70. The Chilean-born director of over 100 films — including the recent Mysteries of Lisbon; the John Malkovich-starring biopic Klimt; and an adaptation of Time Regained, the final volume of Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past — moved to France in 1973 to escape the Pinochet regime. Ruiz had a talent for translating difficult works of literature for the big screen, was fascinated by philosophy and psychology, and is known for his offbeat sense of humor. “I have a mania for citation,” he told A.O. Scott in a recent New York Times magazine profile, which serves as a fantastic introduction for those who aren’t familiar with his work. [via The Hollywood Reporter ]