Awesome Infographic: A Taxonomy of Weird Wrestler Names


Ladies and gentlemen, fighting from the blue corner: a new infographic from Pop Chart Lab, the same people who brought us the Periodic Table of Metal, this time breaking down professional wrestlers’ stage names by theme and semantic relationships, separating the many varietals into five main categories: Animals, Place of Origin, Inanimate Objects, Professions, and Physical or Metaphysical Attributes. The larger-than-life chart, organizing close to 400 wrestler names, does well by the larger-than-life sport, though its creators say it’s not comprehensive, citing contemporary wrestlers whose names are just too realistic for the chart. To which we say: come on, you guys, we know it’s 2011, but you’ve gotta keep the faith — and the ridiculousness. It’s why we watch. Click here for a larger version, or order your own poster-sized version here.

[via Co.Design]