Amazing Brazilian Gym Posters Made From Old TVs, Video Games and Computers


Do you often feel as though you were made out of the gadgets you sit in front of day in and day out? We do. Enter art director Murilo Melo‘s gorgeous and inspired poster series for Brazil’s Companhia Athletica Gyms, by far one of the more creative nudges to get off the boob tube and onto the track we’ve seen in a while. Sure, when we saw these great posters over at Colossal we were more inspired to write about them on the internet than hit the weight room, but we’re no example for anybody. To create the figures, Melo dismantled hundreds of old televisions, video games and computers using their components to build the machinated humans who implore the viewer, “switch your routine for ours,” a tagline that works on so many levels. The project took Melo about four months to create — you can check out the full process over at this website.