The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Despite its questionable portrayal of African American women, The Help topped the weekend box office, pulling in $20 million in its second week. Not quite so popular: All of the new films that hit theaters over the weekend, including Conan the Barbarian ($10 million), Fright Night ($8 million), and One Day ($5.1 million). [via THR]

2. Fans of An Idiot Abroad will be excited to see this preview of what Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant have planned for Karl Pilkington in the UK reality series’ second season.

3. People magazine paid $1.5 million for the exclusive photos from the Kim Kardashian wedding, but if you’re feeling curious about what went down at 6:37 PDT on Saturday night, find some video and “all of the romantic details” here.

4. Despite reports that Bono was treated for chest pains and heart palpitations last week in Monaco, his spokeswoman is denying that it was anything more than a routine checkup and says that he is “in good health and enjoying a family holiday in the south of France.” [via NME]

5. Lil Wayne has announced that he’ll release his long-awaited album Tha Carter IV online at midnight on August 29 — a few hours after he performs at the MTV Video Music Awards — and then later in stores that same day. [via THR]

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