Gallery: Minimalist Pop Culture Pictogram Posters


Have you ever wished that someone would distill Darth Vader’s life story into a handful of crudely drawn images? Well, you’re in luck! Earlier today our friends over at Brain Pickings tipped us off to a set of clever pop culture pictogram posters by the Milan-based creative agency H-57 that tackle the histories of subjects who range from Jesus to Michael Jackson. “The pictogram history posters were born out of an art-like collaboration with the website First Floor Under, which is a creativity and photography blog, a digital publishing house,” explains a representative from H-57. “We want to create many of them to give our point of view on the most famous world stories. Unfortunately, the ones with tragic ending are the funniest and most interesting.” Click through to see what they’ve come up with so far, and stay tuned for the promised next additions to the series — Napoleon and Vlad Dracula.