‘Mad Men’s’ Departing Bobby: “Be Careful Around January Jones”


It’s a good thing Bobby Draper has never been a terribly important Mad Men character, because he’s about to be recast for the fourth time in five seasons. Maxwell Huckabee and Aaron Hart both preceded Jared Gilmore, who most recently played Bobby and is leaving to roll the dice on the new ABC fairy-tale drama Once Upon a Time. What we find amusing about this story isn’t that Gilmore is leaving, though — it’s his exit interview with TV Guide. When asked whether he had any advice for the new Bobby, he told the magazine, “Be careful around January [Jones]. She’s not as approachable as the others… She’s really serious about what she does. [But] everyone else is so nice.” Burn! And just like that, we know why the scenes where Betty is terrible to her children are so convincing. [via Digital Spy]