MTV Embraces Hard Up Teens with Hard Times


This is all we know about the upcoming aspirational comedy, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, but doesn’t it sound exactly like what you’d imagine a 13-year-old boy would want to watch? “Paul Iacono has landed the lead on the MTV comedy pilot ‘Hard Times.’ The project, written by Seth Grahame-Smith and produced/directed by David Katzenberg (son of Jeffrey), is about a well-endowed high school geek (Iacono) whose social status is greatly improved after accidentally exposing himself at a basketball game.”

Seth Grahame-Smith. Hmmm… Remember that name? He’s the writer who recently brought us that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies book. We’ve already gotten ourselves in enough trouble talking about that, but there are three quick things we’d like to point out:

1. It will be exciting to see what David Katzenberg is good at other than dating Mary-Kate Olsen and Nicky Hilton.

2. We expect an outbreak of copycat weiner flashings at high school across the country.

3. Why wouldn’t this geek have been wearing a cup?

Also: There must be something going on in the cultural zeitgeist; HBO’s upcoming show Hung is all about a high school football coach with a big youknowwhat.