Download a Neutral Milk Hotel Video Game


Now that Jeff Mangum is touring again — and sounding great — it’s time for all the obsessive Neutral Milk Hotel fans to come out of the woodwork. Take, for example, the apparently anonymous soul who has created an NMH-themed video game called In the Time Machine Over the Sea. The 16-bit-style diversion features characters from throughout the band’s mythology, from Anne Frank and, erm, Adolf Hitler to Mangum himself. Opinion seems to be split among the devotees at Elephant 6’s message board; while some fans enjoy the game, others complain that because it came out of 4chan, “It’s less about Aeroplane and more about… 4chan.” Luckily, trying it out and deciding for yourself will cost you nothing: You can watch the trailer after the jump and download it for free here.

[via Prefix]