Is Hollywood Realizing Board Game-Based Movies Are a Bad Idea?


Well, maybe not all of Hollywood, but at least Universal Pictures — who signed a deal with Hasbro and Milton Bradley to adapt Candy Land, Stretch Armstrong, Battleship, and Ouija into films back in 2008 — seems to be wising up. Less than a month after dropping their planned Gore Verbinski-helmed reboot of Clue (a cult comedy that both defies our belief that turning a board game into a film is always a horrible idea, and by no means needed a remake), Vulture reports that that the studio has decided to ditch their Michael Bay-produced and McG-directed Ouja board movie as well. We’re wondering how much of this has to do with how bad their very expensive adaptation of Battleship looks to be (at least from the terrible trailer), but regardless of the reason, we’d be glad to see this whole board game movie trend — as well as its close cousin, basing a major motion picture on a children’s toy — become a thing of the past in favor of more original ideas. How about you?