Things We Don’t Understand: Bryan Adams and Twiggy Make An Album


Occasionally we get a piece of news that’s so inexplicable that all we can do is shake our head and marvel at the enduring strangeness of the music industry. So it is with the news that celebrity Canadian and actually quite good photographer Bryan Adams is to record an album with ’60s style icon Twiggy. The former model has had an intermittent sideline in music over the years — she made two records during the ’70s, (the second of which was entitled, hilariously, Please Get My Name Right), and another in 2003. She also collaborated with Marilyn Manson guitarist and namesake Twiggy Ramirez in 1998. Really. Sadly, we fear that this record won’t be quite so entertaining — apart from a version of Adams’ song “Heaven” (featuring “a new guitar solo”!), it features covers of The Kinks’ “Waterloo Sunset,” Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart’s “My Funny Valentine,” and a duet with Richard Marx. Ye gods. [via NME ]