Trailer: Persepolis Author Marjane Satrapi’s ‘Chicken with Plums’


Okay, so it’s in French. But we’re sure that many fans of Marjane Satrapi — the graphic novelist who told the story of her youth in Iran in the wonderful books-turned-film Persepolis — already know the story behind Chicken with Plums and will want to see the first trailer for the movie version regardless of the language barrier. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Satrapi’s 2006 graphic novel is set in ’50s Tehran and follows her great-uncle, Nasser Ali Khan, a musician who withdraws from the world and his family after his instrument is broken and he realizes he won’t be able to replace it. The Chicken with Plums film finds Satrapi reunited with her Persepolis partner Vincent Parronaud, and, judging from the beautiful look of the trailer, the decision to make a live-action, rather than animated, movie was a good one. Chicken with Plums will debut next month at both the Toronto and Venice film festivals.

[via Twitch]