Alternate Histories: Monstrously Modified Vintage City Prints


Pittsburgh-based artist Matthew Buchholz imagines the past a little differently than the way it was in the history books. Sure, he sees redcoats and steamboats, galleons and waistcoats, but he also sees monsters at the battle of Bunker Hill and UFOs fueling the Great Chicago Fire. In his ongoing project entitled Alternate Histories, which we first spotted over at Boing Boing, Buchholz alters vintage prints to create fantastical visions of a history tinged with science fiction. We’ve collected some of our favorites here, but be sure to check out all Buchholz’s work in his Etsy shop, where you can also buy prints and postcards. We have a feeling some sea monsters will be gracing our apartment walls sometime soon. And not because of Hurricane Irene — although, after a look at these prints, we’ve gotta say that we have our doubts.