The Best Time-Wasting Websites for Rainy Days


We know you live busy lives, dear reader. But sometimes, even on the weekend, you just need to chill out and not do anything for a while. That is, not do anything except poke around on the internet, of course. Whether, like us, you’re trapped inside this weekend due to nasty weather and lack of public transportation, or you’re just having a case of the Sunday layabout boredoms, these specially curated time wasters are guaranteed to light up those synapses, at least for the time being. Click through to see of our current favorite time wasters, and if you’re feeling charitable in these tough, rainy times, share your own secret downtime gems in the comments.

For the twee and/or whimsical: Wonderputt

For the hungry and/or curious: Scandybars

For the existential and/or lonely: Garfield Minus Garfield

For the still obsessed and/or nostalgic: Harry Potter Facts (also, start reading Game of Thrones)

For the economical and/or unemployed: Spent

For the stressed and/or crafty: This is Sand

For story lovers and/or storytellers: The Moth

For the fashion forward and/or Frankenstinian: The Sartorialtwist

For the moody and/or impish: Box of Chocolates

For the meditative and/or stoned: Mirage Machine

For the statistical-minded and/or totally burned out: Rock Paper Scissors

For the self-obsessed and/or social media happy: That Can Be My Next Tweet (FYI, ours was “Puppets teach the Dramatic Careers oh no. oh, no. oh. no. oh. no. oh. no. oh, no. Justin Bieber Juggalo!” which seems about right)

For the traditionalist and/or steady of hand: Jenga