Is This What We Have to Look Forward to: Four Years of Floating McCain Dolls on Conan O’Brien


A new piece of evidence for our ever growing “LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN is a show for falling asleep to” file: The response his head writer MIKE SWEENEY gave when the New York Times asked how one goes about making fun of the election results.

“In the short term, you certainly can do jokes in the great American tradition of kicking losers when they’re down. There’s this company that called us up and said: ‘You know what? We have 5,000 McCain dolls. We don’t want them. Do you?’ They’re being delivered here, and we’re trying to think of creative ways to destroy them. Like maybe a Viking funeral on the Hudson River.”

Sounds like a funny stunt that our 13-year-old brother would have come up with. We’ll wait for it to come out on YouTube. Now pitch us your real idea Sweeney. Oh. That was your real idea.

Just juxtapose it with what Daily Show‘s J. R. HAVLAN had to say.

“Well, his name is BARACK OBAMA. It’s kind of inherently comical. We can work around a personality, but we don’t really know so much yet what his quirks are going to be. He’s good at speaking, so he’s less likely to say something stupid. But he’ll have plenty of people around him to take care of that. I mean, it’s going to be a Democratic administration with a Democratically controlled Congress. If anything, we might have to start doing two shows a day.”

We know which show we’d rather be watching — and we’re wondering if that’s a sign that we’ve outgrown Horny Manatee. Is there anyone out there who still considers Late Night must-see TV? Do you think Conan is just saving his best stuff up for his 2009 takeover of THE TONIGHT SHOW? And finally, if you have any McCain dolls will you please send them to us?