Vanity Fair’s Idea of Theatre Looks Like a Random Assortment of Hollywood B-Listers


Humor us for a second: Wouldn’t it have been interesting if Vanity Fair actually talked to respected, less well-known stage actors instead of honing in on every celebrity with a project on Broadway for the upcoming theatre feature in their June issue?

OK we’ll be reasonable: Jeff Daniels, James Gandolfini, Geoffrey Rush, Marcia Gay Harden are all up for Tony Awards, and Janet McTeer and Harriet Walter of Mary Stuart are certainly a far cry from household names, but still… what’s a girl gotta to do get some Gavin Creel, Josefina Scaglione, Karen Olivo, or Raul Esparza in her life?

Sorry for the theater rage; the cheesy big band soundtrack and shots of Times Square didn’t help. Plus, we were already a little annoyed at Vanity Fair for this, this, and this. You’d think with bigger budgets and unlimited access, they’d be producing more thought provoking content than Jeremy Irons prattling on about his soon-to-shutter show.